by Designer Lori Esterly

I’m So Excited!

Hello Everyone,

Well, I was excited.  I had this post almost totally finished and I don’t know what happened but it disappeared.  So, I am trying to reconstruct it.  I know that it is not anything like it was and I am disappointed as now I have to start from scratch.  So, Here it goes.

I am excited about my new camera.  I used it for the first time to take pictures for Keith’s graduation party.  They turned out pretty nice for an amateur photographer.  Now to the real reason for this post, taking pictures of my jewelry.  I have gotten a few tips from my photographer friend and suggestions from some of you here at WordPress as well as help from Etsy-ians with how to’s to take great pictures. Well you tell me if a new camera and a few tips has made a difference.  Here are a few examples.







Is anyone else out there having a really hard time with WordPress today?  I hope that you are all doing better with WordPress than I am.  Aah!  Well, it is far from what it was supposed to be but it is finished.

Have a Great Weekend!

~ Lori

Comments on: "I’m So Excited!" (2)

  1. They are awesome!!!! GREAT JOB!!! Total difference and so much easier to see the beauty of your work and creations. 🙂

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