by Designer Lori Esterly

Post Surgery

Hello to Everyone from Home,

God is sooooo Good!  I was able to come home last evening.  Special thanks to Joanne Graves for driving and staying as well as to her husband, Doug for making other arrangements for transportation while Joanne had the car. Special Thanks to my Sister Chris for taking off work and spending the day with me and our mom.  You were a great blessing!  To mom thank you for everything!  To my dad for taking care of Keith for the day.  It would have been horrible for him to have sat at the hospital the whole day.  Thank you so much.
As for me everything went well.  We arrived just before 6:30 am and I sat waiting for almost 3 hours before actually having “the procedure”.  All of the staff and nurses and doctors including anesthesia, respiratory etc. they were all great. I praise the Lord that he worked out each detail perfectly.  Not that I expected anything different, He always does even in the chaos.  They had to set up a second room for me as the first was set up backwards so the person who was the second case of the day went first and I went second while the set up another room for me.  My pacemaker was on the right side due to my transplant on the left where they typically place pacemakers.  So, that’s why the room was backwards.  After waiting so long it was good to get to it.
The procedure itself went very smoothly without any problems, Praise the Lord!  Those of you who know me well know that things are not always so textbook for me.  Then after having to lay flat for 4 hours, which really is the hardest part, I was allowed to get up and walk around before getting dressed and coming home.  We arrived home just before 7:30pm and were able to watch one of my favorite shows NCIS although I fell asleep 15 or 20 minutes before it is was over.
So here I am this morning a little sore and not allowed to do anything for 3 days (ha ha ha!)  and then being limited for 3 more weeks but the worst is over and I already know it is better now than it was before even with the soreness.
Thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes.  The Lord answered all your prayers.  Many Blessings to you all for your faithfulness to me and my family!

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