by Designer Lori Esterly

About Lori Esterly


Thank you for coming to A Jewelry Masterpiece for You Blog.  So, I guess you want to know about the Woman Behind the Masterpieces.   Well…about 15 years ago I was just a mom and wife when circumstances changed our lives permanently.  I was going to school part-time while my son, Keith was in school.  I thought I was going to graduate and get a job, but then it happened.  I got sick, really sick.  So sick in fact that I wound up in the hospital for 6 months.  At the end of that six months I was released to go home with a heart transplant. Yes, a new heart!  I had to learn a new way of life including a change in career.  I couldn’t work in the field in which I trained because I could no longer be around sick people.  I am immune suppressed in order for my heart to not be rejected by my body.  The drugs I take daily make me susceptible to colds, flu, chicken pox etc.  So, I had to change my direction.  I started making jewelry for fun and to give as gifts.  So over the last 15 years I have made more jewelry than I can remember.

For a minimum of 5 years now my family and friends have told me I should sell my custom jewelry.  I never wanted to run a business.  Honestly, I was afraid to even try because I had no idea what I was doing and when I tried to find out about it, I was totally overwhelmed.  I know what you are thinking.  So, why now?  Well I asked myself the same question, and this is where I landed.  My son, Keith, is graduating from High School this year.  He is 20 years old and will be 21 just before graduation.  He is Autistic, that is why he is still in school.  Anyway, after he graduates he will start adult life doing new things he has never done before.  He will work and learn to live in “the real world”.  So, I thought it is about time I start to work in the real world too.  I have to switch gears just like he does.  I need to make a living.  So, why not do something I love?  I can start small and see how much I can handle, physically speaking.  Then build my business as I am able.  I have to tell you this is really stretching me.  I’m still scared to death but it is not stopping me anymore.

Keith has taught me so much over the last 15+ years.  There’s nothing like your child speaking your words back to you,  “You can do it! Try again.”  or “Try, please try…pretty neat”.  He has been my cheerleader.  My family has been amazing, encouraging me all along. Now is the time!  I have to do this and it is ok that it is hard and scary.  What isn’t ok is giving up.  So, here I am a single mom of a young man who will always need his “momma” but I have to step out in faith, believing that I can do this.  It will happen!  I’m not going to give up!

I will continue to tell you more about our adventures in adulthood as time goes on but for now, I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up…who knew it would be an entrepreneur?

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