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Tri-Tone Blue Glass

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good week.  Do you suffer from allergies?  I do.  All those bushes and trees with the little white flowers are coming into bloom here in PA so for the next 3 weeks or so I will be buying out the local stores’ stock of Benadryl just to suffer through.  After they pass I’m usually ok.  So for all of you out there who understand the love hate relationship of spring, I raise a box of tissues and a bottle of Benadryl.  Here’s hoping we all make it through another allergy season.  And to maybe take your mind off the sniffing for a little while take a look at my Tri-Tone Blue Glass necklace and earrings.  Let me know what you think…and to all a decongested night’s sleep.  ~ Lori

Tri-Tone Blue Glass

Tri-Tone Blue Glass Pendant Close-Up

Tri-Tone Blue Glass Earrings Close-Up

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