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A Friend of Mine…Pam Sani Part 2

For you my Friends,

Well, I promised to fill you in on Pam’s Jewelry Show.  Pam did well  though not as well as I had hoped.   I had been so excited and wanted Pam to do Super, Fantastic.   She passed on some insights that she learned through the process of this show and I thought I would pass them on to you.

Level of Preparedness:

1) To have a Great Show you need to be well prepared…from business cards to pricing.  You need plenty of stock, plenty of promotion and plenty of smiles.
2) Be honest with yourself about how much effort is required to: create your items, prepare them for sale, and to promote your event PLUS your level of willingness to do it .  If you are not up for it either get some help or reschedule, because it’s a lot of work!
3) Shift your focus from what you want, to what your customer needs:  from what you create, to pricing, to presentation it’s all about your customers.  So, make it attractive to them in every way.
4)  Once you’re prepared and everything is in order, enjoy your customers!  Have fun and those perfect customers will come to you!   AND Finally…
 5) Don’t give up!  All the hard work pays off.
These ideas have been very helpful to me as I am preparing for my own fall shows.  There is still a lot of work ahead so keep your chin up and just do the next thing!
Have a Great Week!

Balance. Balance? Balance!



Do you have trouble finding balance in your life?  I know I do.  I struggle with how much I do and don’t do on a weekly basis.  I also struggle with how much I get done each week as well as what things I should do that I never get to.

Where should I spend my time?  On what should I focus?  How do I balance my work and home lives?

I recently made the statement, “It shouldn’t be this hard!”  When a wise friend said, “It doesn’t have to be.”  Simplify!  So now I have to decide what if anything I can cut.  I would like to cut out the housekeeping and cooking… but that isn’t possible.  So where do you save time?  How do you make better use of your time?

I want to spend my time making beautiful jewelry but I can’t ignore my responsibilities.  It’s not that I don’t want to do my responsibilities it’s just that I have a hard time accomplishing all of them and getting to what I love.

I could use some help.  What suggestions can you make?

Here is one of the things I have worked on in my time lately.

This is a Special Order Item I made this month. What do you think?


How Do I Utilize My Time More Effectively???


Do you ever do a whole lot of nothing?  I find myself doing A LOT of nothing.  I start on my list of things to do skip numbers 1 & 2, only complete half of number 3 and never get to numbers 4, 5, and 6.  It’s not that I sit and do nothing, I do plenty but never get anything completely done.  Do you find yourself doing the same thing?

I have heard of some time management systems that are supposed to help you be more efficient and keep track of time for you.  I started using one called Pomodoro Technique.  I liked it but it didn’t stick.  I used it for a bout a week and then somehow it stopped working, I stopped using it.  I didn’t stop because it didn’t work or because I didn’t like it, I don’t know why I stopped using it.  It just didn’t stick.  I’m more than willing to try it again but how will this be any different?

I find myself needing to be more effective and efficient because of having more things fighting for my time.  I want to get more business done each day so that I can get to the rest of my life.  I have a family and friends that I want to enjoy and taking care of my home is suffering because of this ineffectiveness.

Can you help me?  What do you do to keep track of your time and get things done?

I’m going to try Pomodoro again, tomorrow.  It is almost time for bed.

How about trying to accomplish this…

Sterling Silver Rounds & Bicones & Aquamarine Glass Necklace

Sterling Silver Rounds & Bicones & Aquamarine Glass Earrings


~ Lori

Announcing My ETSY !!!

Hello Everyone!

It’s finally happening!  My Etsy is opening for business!  I am so excited!  You can see a sneak preview today!  at  I will be officially open for business Monday July 2nd.  It has been a challenging 4 months to get here but it has all been worth it!  Come take a look and give me your feedback.  I plan on continuing to update and improve it often and appreciate your input.

There aren’t many items listed yet but check back often as I will be adding more pieces everyday or two.  Please know that not all the bugs are worked out yet, so if you have any problems, email me and let me know.  I want to make sure things are running smoothly.

I am so excited that things are finally coming together.  Come celebrate with me!  Here are a  couple of sneak peeks.

Custom Multi-Colored Bicone Swarovski Crystal Memory Bracelet

Ceramic & Tri-tone Glass Necklace, Bracelet & Earring Set

Custom Multi-Colored Swarovski Crystal Bracelet with Butterflies

Have A Great Weekend!  Come Check It Out!

~ Lori

Wordless Wednesday

3 Strand Floating Black & Silver Glass Necklace

Matching Black & Silver Glass Earrings


Wordless Wednesday

Aqua Crystal & Sterling Silver on Plated 18″ Figaro Chain

Your Choice of Earrings Aqua Crystal with Shiny Sterling Silver or Matte Finish Sterling Silver. They Match the Aqua Crystal/Sterling Figaro Chain Necklace.

Mayi Carles Video Encouragement

Hi Everyone,

It is Monday.  Are you ready?  Here is a video blog that really encouraged me.  I hope you are able to continue past those voices which would keep you from reaching your goals whether they are in your thoughts or coming from others.  Mayi has a great point and I wanted to share it with you.

Click on her name and see her video.

Mayi Carles.

Keep following your calling…no matter what resistance may come.

Thanks Mayi…I needed that.

~ Lori

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