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Getting Unstuck

Hi Everyone,

Well I know I have talked a lot lately about being stuck.  So, I decided to tell you about getting unstuck too.

I have had a lot of good suggestions come my way from push through, to take a break.  I have to admit that I tried almost all of your suggestions.  But there were a couple that really helped me and that is what I want to tell you about.

First, I saw a really great video interview on being stuck with Jenn Lee (author of RBBP) and Right-Brain Business Plan® licensed facilitator Amy Egenberger: (Making way for creative action, Amy Egenberger, MEd., CPCC is an educator, life coach, artist and founder of Spirit Out! Coaching.).  They gave some really great ideas but it was in listening to this conversation that I realized that the reason I was stuck was because I just finished a big project and was exhausted as well as needing to reframe and set a new goal.

I felt like I was floundering a bit and kind of lost my way.  It really helped me to hear that this was normal and all I really needed was some (a lot of) rest and to pause, reframe and catch my breath after completing the opening of my etsy shop.  That really helped me let myself off the hook for slowing down.  I needed to slow down and get the rest.

Second, I did not recognize that I had fear in stepping into my new website.  Fear can make me feel stuck, but in making one little change, like breathing, I found help.  One little step forward can loosen things up and as I was feeling stuck it helped me to do something different, like actually creating some jewelry.  It was just a simple bracelet and earring set but it really helped me to breath and relax.  Guess What?  It was really fun too!

Custom Patriotic Red, White & Blue Bracelet & Earring Set

I needed to acknowledge that this is a normal pause in the cycle of creativity.  I didn’t even know that there was a cycle of creativity, let alone what that cycle looks like.  Now that I have calmed down (pretty much) I need to ask myself,  “What do I need now?”.  (Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.)

I Need to Create More!  It is THE part of my business I really  love and I felt  blocked by this “stuckness”. Breathing is helping me to restore the flow of my creativity.  Now I want to create again and I’m excited to work on an idea I’ve been toying with, instead of making it feeling like drudgery.

Finally, having really great, supportive friends and family helps the most.  They are the ones that I am able to bounce my ideas off and they tell me honestly when they stink.  More than that they have been the ones who have told me to take a break, slow down, and give it some time.  Guess what?  You all were right!  Rest, refocusing, changing gears, doing something different and giving my brain a well deserved break was just what I needed (& still need).

Thank you all.  I really needed your wise advise.

Next…I’m going to CREATE!  How great is that?  I want to throw myself into my creative work and prepare for some jewelry shows.

Have A Super Great Weekend!


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