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Frustrated!!! Good Idea???


As you all know my son, Keith, is autistic.  Well I just got some bad news about Keith’s services Monday.  You may be familiar with OVR, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, they help disabled people get to work with job skill training and possibly even some extra education funding.  Keith started the first phase of OVR training in June 2012.  He was being observed in work settings to determine his skills, strengths and needs.  Well, they were dragging their feet and now I know why.

OVR is short-term funding for work training and help to get a job.  If you need further, long-term job coaching then there are other services to pick up where OVR leaves off.  Well, ALL the funding for Special Needs services have been cut, yet again, by the state of PA and Tom Corbett.  So not only were SOME of the young people coming out of High School last year out of luck but, ALL the graduates who need help this year are out of luck too.  Plus they are cutting the funding of those who already have valid services.  It seems to me that if you are cutting the budget you should NOT cut the funds of those who CAN’T help themselves.

This is not meant to be a government bashing post but when the shoe fits…

Anyway, Keith has worked on some job skills and now they are coming to me telling me that they want to close Keith’s case because He will not be able to be independent in a job.  He needs long-term job coaching and because he has no long-term funding he will not be eligible for competitive employment, thus no longer eligible for OVR funding.  Catch-22!  Also he will not be allowed into the sheltered workshop either because they require funding too.  Keith now has no funding at all, no short-term funding, no longterm funding, nothing.

That leaves Keith at home with no training, no job, no support and no prospects!  I am infuriated by this!  We have worked hard in school all these years to prepare him for graduation, adulthood and work.  Keith has abilities.  He is capable of adding to the community and the economy but he is not able to do it alone, he needs help.  Keith wants to be a grown-up, he has enjoyed going to the workshop and working.  Keith needs to get out of the house and be productive, without mom.  This is not a case of laziness and refusing to work.  It is just the opposite.  He wants to work but there is no place for him.  Not unlike many very able-bodied adults out of work out there who are getting unemployment benefits.  Article On Special Needs Individuals and Work.

So, where does this leave us?  As my Grandfather use to say, up a creek without a paddle.

This is where my idea comes in.  : )  I am trying to get my business off the ground and the Autism Society can always use donations, so here is my thought.  Keith is perfectly capable of stringing beads on wire so what if Keith helps me  and we donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Autism Society.  This would help me, it would be very good for Keith and it will help other Autistic individuals too!

There, it’s all laid out.  What do you think?  Good idea?  Now, what are the logistics?  Anybody out there have any experience with fund-raising for a good cause that might be able to point me in the right direction?  I am already in contact with some Autism Programs.

Hey, I’ll let you know what happens.

~ Lori

Oh, just in case you are thinking that I should just pay for it myself, it costs over $26,000 a year for these services.  These companies charge between $15 and $40 (or more) every 15 minutes, not per hour.  So, you tell me, how am I suppose to pay for that?  Could you pay for it?  Do you make over $160 per hour?  I don’t.  It’s like literally paying a never-ending college tuition bill because Keith will never graduate out of Autism.

Getting Unstuck

Hi Everyone,

Well I know I have talked a lot lately about being stuck.  So, I decided to tell you about getting unstuck too.

I have had a lot of good suggestions come my way from push through, to take a break.  I have to admit that I tried almost all of your suggestions.  But there were a couple that really helped me and that is what I want to tell you about.

First, I saw a really great video interview on being stuck with Jenn Lee (author of RBBP) and Right-Brain Business Plan® licensed facilitator Amy Egenberger: (Making way for creative action, Amy Egenberger, MEd., CPCC is an educator, life coach, artist and founder of Spirit Out! Coaching.).  They gave some really great ideas but it was in listening to this conversation that I realized that the reason I was stuck was because I just finished a big project and was exhausted as well as needing to reframe and set a new goal.

I felt like I was floundering a bit and kind of lost my way.  It really helped me to hear that this was normal and all I really needed was some (a lot of) rest and to pause, reframe and catch my breath after completing the opening of my etsy shop.  That really helped me let myself off the hook for slowing down.  I needed to slow down and get the rest.

Second, I did not recognize that I had fear in stepping into my new website.  Fear can make me feel stuck, but in making one little change, like breathing, I found help.  One little step forward can loosen things up and as I was feeling stuck it helped me to do something different, like actually creating some jewelry.  It was just a simple bracelet and earring set but it really helped me to breath and relax.  Guess What?  It was really fun too!

Custom Patriotic Red, White & Blue Bracelet & Earring Set

I needed to acknowledge that this is a normal pause in the cycle of creativity.  I didn’t even know that there was a cycle of creativity, let alone what that cycle looks like.  Now that I have calmed down (pretty much) I need to ask myself,  “What do I need now?”.  (Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.)

I Need to Create More!  It is THE part of my business I really  love and I felt  blocked by this “stuckness”. Breathing is helping me to restore the flow of my creativity.  Now I want to create again and I’m excited to work on an idea I’ve been toying with, instead of making it feeling like drudgery.

Finally, having really great, supportive friends and family helps the most.  They are the ones that I am able to bounce my ideas off and they tell me honestly when they stink.  More than that they have been the ones who have told me to take a break, slow down, and give it some time.  Guess what?  You all were right!  Rest, refocusing, changing gears, doing something different and giving my brain a well deserved break was just what I needed (& still need).

Thank you all.  I really needed your wise advise.

Next…I’m going to CREATE!  How great is that?  I want to throw myself into my creative work and prepare for some jewelry shows.

Have A Super Great Weekend!


Are You Tired???

Hello Everyone,

Are you tired?  I sure am.  I feel like I can’t catch up.  There are too many things to do and not enough time or energy to do them all.  I had such a big push to get the etsy shop open that ever since last week I can’t seem to get back on target.  I know I could get a cup of caffeine and keep pushing but I have quickly learned that caffeine will kill me.

It gives me the energy to push through but when I come down it nearly sends me to bed for a whole day.  Caffeine works by stimulating your adrenal glands which in turn spit out hormones that give you that quick boost like when someone jumps out from the closet and scares you or when there is a crisis and you go into overdrive, but the problem is that can only be maintained by your body for a short time then your body needs rest.  Well, my body needs a lot of rest.  Relying on caffeine will literally short-circuit your adrenal system from overload.  Since I skate a very fine line just to maintain my health I can’t put myself at risk like that.  So, today I am very tired and spent some time playing games with my son just for fun and to rejuvenate.  It was a lot of fun!!!

Now I am back working but…I am still tired.  I guess it is time for lunch…anyone want to join me in a green smoothy? I know it sounds gross but I use fruit and spinach and they are good, really.  It’s a great natural healthy way to rejuvenate when you are down and tired.  Plus drink plenty of water it will help your body to get rid of any toxins in your system that slow you down.  I know its easy to say but hard to apply to daily life but building a new habit isn’t easy no matter what you are trying to do.  I say this to give myself a good kick in the pants because I know better and I have been eating poorly.  So, now go have a healthy lunch and come back feeling great and ready to work for the afternoon, while I… …take a nap.

I hope you have a Great Week!

~ Lori

Tri-Tone Blue Glass

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a good week.  Do you suffer from allergies?  I do.  All those bushes and trees with the little white flowers are coming into bloom here in PA so for the next 3 weeks or so I will be buying out the local stores’ stock of Benadryl just to suffer through.  After they pass I’m usually ok.  So for all of you out there who understand the love hate relationship of spring, I raise a box of tissues and a bottle of Benadryl.  Here’s hoping we all make it through another allergy season.  And to maybe take your mind off the sniffing for a little while take a look at my Tri-Tone Blue Glass necklace and earrings.  Let me know what you think…and to all a decongested night’s sleep.  ~ Lori

Tri-Tone Blue Glass

Tri-Tone Blue Glass Pendant Close-Up

Tri-Tone Blue Glass Earrings Close-Up

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