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Blue Crystal and Silver Chain

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a good week. This week is a busy one for me.  It started out Monday with having some tests for my annual heart transplant check-up.  On tap is the normal  Blood work, Chest X-ray and Bone Density Scan but this is just the beginning as I will have another whole day of tests on the 21st.  I have to admit that I dread the trip to Hahnemann and a whole day of poking and prodding but it  always makes me pause to Thank God for another year, as well as the beginning of a new year.  Plus I always have a friend who drives and keeps me company,  Huge Thanks to Joanne.  I am extremely grateful!

What lays ahead for this new year?  It promises to be very busy and challenging since starting A Jewelry Masterpiece for You.  I am looking forward to the upcoming opening of my very own Etsy shop.  I am hoping to have it open for business in June.  That is just a couple of weeks away and there are still many things to do, but that will be the place to see and buy a Masterpiece of your very own.  Please remember that I not only custom design but also repair jewelry.  So if you have a favorite piece that you are unable to wear because the clasp broke or it is just looking old and needs an update, allow me to create something just for you that you will love once again.

Blue Crystal and Chain

Have a Great Weekend!


Week 3: Easter

Hello Everyone,

My thoughts this week bring me to a time in my life when someone laid down their life for mine.  As you may know I received a heart transplant almost 12 years ago now.  It will be 12 years the end of May.  When I think back to that time, it is again impressed upon me that a young woman died so that I could live.  What happened to her was a terrible car accident.  It took her away from her family and friends but I lived because she died.

We never met.  She lived over 600 miles from where I live and yet I am totally indebted to her and her family.  My son was 8 years old when I came home from the hospital.  Without their sacrifice my son would not have his mother, but because of that accident there is a mother who no longer has her daughter.

I could never ever say thank you enough or I’m sorry enough…so I live.  I live to the fullest that I can in appreciation for every day that I have with my son, the rest of my family and friends.  Every day I wake up and Thank God for a new day.

There was someone else who died for me.  God sent his son, Jesus, to die so that I could live in heaven with him for all eternity.  Because Jesus died, paying the debt for my sins on the cross, I have a personal relationship with The Father.  I pray that you know Him in a personal way too.  If you don’t and you want to know more about this personal relationship, I would be very happy to tell you all about my Jesus.  He is more than just a name or a historical character.  He is my Savior and Lord.  He is the one who has brought me through transplant and because He lives, I LIVE!!!

God Bless you all this Easter,


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