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Are You Tired???

Hello Everyone,

Are you tired?  I sure am.  I feel like I can’t catch up.  There are too many things to do and not enough time or energy to do them all.  I had such a big push to get the etsy shop open that ever since last week I can’t seem to get back on target.  I know I could get a cup of caffeine and keep pushing but I have quickly learned that caffeine will kill me.

It gives me the energy to push through but when I come down it nearly sends me to bed for a whole day.  Caffeine works by stimulating your adrenal glands which in turn spit out hormones that give you that quick boost like when someone jumps out from the closet and scares you or when there is a crisis and you go into overdrive, but the problem is that can only be maintained by your body for a short time then your body needs rest.  Well, my body needs a lot of rest.  Relying on caffeine will literally short-circuit your adrenal system from overload.  Since I skate a very fine line just to maintain my health I can’t put myself at risk like that.  So, today I am very tired and spent some time playing games with my son just for fun and to rejuvenate.  It was a lot of fun!!!

Now I am back working but…I am still tired.  I guess it is time for lunch…anyone want to join me in a green smoothy? I know it sounds gross but I use fruit and spinach and they are good, really.  It’s a great natural healthy way to rejuvenate when you are down and tired.  Plus drink plenty of water it will help your body to get rid of any toxins in your system that slow you down.  I know its easy to say but hard to apply to daily life but building a new habit isn’t easy no matter what you are trying to do.  I say this to give myself a good kick in the pants because I know better and I have been eating poorly.  So, now go have a healthy lunch and come back feeling great and ready to work for the afternoon, while I… …take a nap.

I hope you have a Great Week!

~ Lori

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