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Wordless Wednesday

Orange and Blue Dynamic Duo Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Red, Blue, Orange & Yellow

Aqua Blue Square Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Aquamarine & Lime

Pink and Violet Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Purple & Blue

August Peridot Green Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Green

…Mosaic Matches

A Friend of Mine…Margaret Almon

Hello Everyone,

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine.  Her name is Margaret Almon.  She and I are working on a project together. The reason I wanted you to meet her is because she creates the most beautiful mosaics and I wanted to share one in particular with you.  

She creates beautiful pendants like this one.  Consisting of all kinds of glass they are beautiful and amazing. I work with some small beads but what she does with glass…Wow!  This pendant is 1″ square.  Those pieces are quite small.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Write back and tell me what you think or better yet go tell Margaret directly below.

Margaret does much more than pendants.  You should check out her storefront.  Here’s the link.

If this link doesn’t work go to and search Nutmeg Mosaics.  Margaret and her husband Wayne work together making beautiful art! Check them out!  And tell’em Lori sent you. 🙂

~ Lori

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