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What Am I Doing?


Hello Everyone,

In the midst of chaos do you ever question if this is what you are supposed to be doing?  Ever since I chose to make my hobby a business there have been roadblocks in front of me every time I turn around.  When I feel strong I realize that means that I am going in the right direction because nothing worth doing is ever easy.  But there are those days when I get down and each one of those challenges seems to be one more reason to quit.  What do you do when you get overwhelmed, tired and want to quit?

This morning I just realized that yes, I feel like quitting but I believe that this is my calling or destiny.  So, since this is my destiny then it doesn’t really matter how long it takes me to “get there” what matters is the journey, the learning in the process and accomplishing all that I can today no matter how big or little that may be.  I AM SUCCESSFUL AS LONG AS I KEEP PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER!  There are people who I don’t want to disappoint and a family that is counting on me for support but on the days when that just feels like another burden I can’t bear, it helps to realize that I am destined to succeed.  This will happen because I am called to it.

My faith tells me that God always blesses obedience in little ways or big ways but He always blesses obedience.  So as long as I am doing what I am supposed to do He will continue to bless me, that includes work, home and in my son’s future as well.

This all releases me from the stress of I have to _______ and hurry up and get it done.  All I have to do is what is before me today and the rest will take care of itself.  This allows me to create beauty and frees my mind to work easily and effectively.  How great is that?  Sure I have concerns, I’m not walking around in fantasy land but allowing all of those things to weigh me down stops me from doing what I need to do and does not fix any of those problems anyway.

So, take a deep breath and relax.  Everything will be all right.  Check the list of things to do and just do the next thing.  Because I have been overwhelmed lately Monday I decided that I was going to do the thing I love first instead of “all the things I have to do”.  And you know what, that was a great idea!  It got my whole week started off on the right foot.  Next week I am going to do the same thing.  I am going to create on Monday.  I’ll call it “Make it Monday”.  I have always hated Mondays and doing what I love on Mondays will help change that.  So, that’s the new plan.  I’m excited because I have been frustrated not getting to making jewelry and just doing all the left brain things “I have to do”.   Now I’m going to do what I love before doing what needs to be done and see how that works for me.  At least I will get to do my passion which fuels doing all the other stuff.

So, how do you structure your week?  Work first? or Passion first?

These are some of the earrings I created this Monday.  You may have seen some of these before as they are apart of the Mosaic Matches Collection.  Go see the entire collection at…  and

New Mosaic Matches in Two-Tone Blue

New Mosaic Matches in Purple & Blue

New Mosaic Matches in Pink, Coral & Red

New Mosaic Matches in Purple Tones

…and have a Great Weekend!

~ Lori


Wordless Wednesday – New Mosaic Matches

Violet Purple Square Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Swarovski Crystal, Pearl & Glass (Frosted & Faceted)
Matches to Margaret’s Violet Purple Square Pendant

Mosaic Match – Blue & Purple glass

Pink and Violet Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Swarovski Crystal, Fluorite, & Glass Purple Hues match to Margaret’s Pink & Violet Pendant

September Sapphire Blue Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Two-Tone Blue to go with Margaret’s

Mosaic Match – Two-Tone Blue Glass (Frosted & Faceted)

Mosaic Match – Another Two-Tone Blue (slightly gray hue)

Coral Copper Orange Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Orange, Copper, Coral & Amber to go with Margaret’s

Red Square Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Fluorite, Quartz & Shell match for Margaret’s

Film Noir Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Black & Silver Glass match for Margaret’s Film Noir Mosaic Pendant

Wordless Wednesday

Orange and Blue Dynamic Duo Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Red, Blue, Orange & Yellow

Aqua Blue Square Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Aquamarine & Lime

Pink and Violet Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Purple & Blue

August Peridot Green Mosaic Pendant

My Mosaic Match in Green

…Mosaic Matches

A Friend of Mine…Margaret Almon 2

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  I didn’t realize how tired I was until I stopped and then I got some much-needed sleep.  Thank the Lord for weekends when you can get some extra rest.

So, you remember a friend of mine…Margaret Almon, she and I are working on a project together called Mosaic Matches.  She makes all kinds of mosaics including pendants which are absolutely beautiful.  And I am going to be making matching earrings.  So now that I am opening my Etsy shop today  there are already a few Mosaic Matches there to choose from  and I am going to regularly post as many as I can.  If you are a lucky owner of one of her pendants and it doesn’t yet have a match contact me and I will be glad to design one just for you.

Please check out both our stores on Etsy:  Margaret’s Nutmeg Designs and My A Jewelry Masterpiece for You

Thanks for coming and I hope to talk with you soon.

Have a Great Week,

~ Lori

Introducing My New Mosaic Matches

Hello Everyone,

I want to introduce you to Mosaic Matches.  A friend of mine Margaret Almon makes Beautiful Mosaics.  We decided to work together and now I am making matching earrings to go with her creative necklaces.  Please go to  and look at all her amazing work.  Then if you find a necklace that you like and I don’t already have a matching pair made, I will make a matching pair for you.

Likewise if you already have a necklace or pair of earrings that you would like something matching to add to it, I would love to design something just for you.  Think about that favorite old necklace that you use to wear all the time but lost one of the earrings or those great earrings that you bought last year but the necklace that you thought they would match clashes instead of blending like you hoped.  I can help you with that.  Tell me what you are looking for and we will tie it all together with “Matches”.  In this economy you can’t just go out and buy a whole new anything on a whim, but together we make a beautiful Match.

Thanks for coming and have a GREAT Weekend!

~ Lori

New Mosaic Matches – Aquamarine & Lime

New Mosaic Matches – Blue & Purple
New Mosaic Matches – Triple Green
New Mosaic Matches – Red, Blue, Orange & Yellow

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