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A New Friend of Mine…Chris VanCleave

Hello Everyone,

A new Friend of mine Chris VanCleave, fellow WordPress Blogger, just let me know that June is National Rose Month.  It just so happens that Keith and I went to a local rose garden and took some pictures.  They were beautiful, all different colors and varieties, peach, yellow, pink and even white, I think.  Some were just bushes and some were on trellises but they all were just beautiful and in full bloom.

I am not a rose person, I mean I love roses, they are beautiful, but I’m not allowed to play in the dirt.  So I can’t plant and grow them.  Where I live is not conducive to planting anyway, so I just enjoy them when I go to the rose gardens.  But Chris is a rose lover.  You all should check out his site and see some of his beautiful roses that he and his wife grow together.  He has over 65 varieties in his garden.  That’s just amazing to me.  Kudos to Chris!

This is my little slice of Rose month.  My son, Keith among the flowers.  Have a great week, everyone!

~ Lori

June is national rose month. Keith in the rose garden a Cedar Beech.

June is national rose month. Keith in the rose garden at Cedar Beech.

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