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A Friend of Mine…Joanne Graves

Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing This new week?  I hope you had a great weekend like I did!  I have a question for you.  Did you ever have a friend who would do anything to help you?  I have great friends!!! The best friends I have every had in my life have been the friends I have since transplant.  They are the kind of friends who will help you with anything but give you a good kick in the pants when you need it.  Joanne Graves is a friend like that.

Joanne took me to Hahnemann last week and it wasn’t the first time she has taken me to the hospital for check ups.  She is also helping me with a lot of details for my son’s Graduation party at Church coming up very soon.  I hope you have faithful friends like I do.  I try not to take them for granted.  Also, I try to reciprocate as much as possible but I have to tell you my friends appreciate me even when I can’t reciprocate.

I never had a lot of friends in school but I learned a principle.  If you want friends you have to be friendly.  So, I began trying to be friendly.  It worked!  People started smiling back at me when I smile at them.  Say hello and they will respond.  Put yourself out there and be friendly and you will be surprised how people respond especially in this world where everyone is too busy to be personal.  You may just make someone’s day with a smile.  Try it! What do you have to lose?  Then come back and tell me what happened.  I’m waiting to hear from you.

And to Joanne…Thank you so much for all your help and especially for your friendship.

Have a Great Week!


A Friend of Mine…Dianne Hartshorn

I want you to meet a friend of mine.  Her name is Dianne Hartshorn.  She too is a Right Brainer.  I have met a lot of great people because of the Right Brain Business Plan.

Dianne has a wonderful store in Sinking Springs, Colorado called Blanche’s Place.  She sells (and I think rents) Victorian and Western style clothing for costume parties etc.  But that’s not all, she sells Victorian style jewelry too, very neat.  Plus she keeps history alive.  So if you live in the  Sinking Springs area go see Dianne and tell her Lori sent you.  If not check out her sites below because they are worth a perusing and you never know when you might find something you have been looking for.

Have a great Week!

~ Lori

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