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Fun Fall Colors Are Here!

New Green & Clear AB Crystal Circle Pendant with Center Dangle

Hello Everyone,

Did you have a good week?  I have to admit that this has been a very difficult week for me.  Monday I had to go to Philadelphia (two hours south) to a doctor appointment which went well but getting there was quite a challenge.  Then Tuesday I was totally exhausted.  Wednesday well you don’t really want to know all this stuff so suffice it to say it has been a long week…

Matching Green & Clear AB Crystal Earrings

In spite of it all I was able to make these pretty necklaces and earrings.  Some are Crystal and some are Glass.  There are all different colors from green to red, yellow and orange to Aqua blue.  I am really enjoying these and plan to sell them at the upcoming bazaars (details to follow).

Aqua Glass Bicone & Teardrop Circle Pendant with Center Glass Dangle

I would love your reaction.  What do you think?  They measure about 1 and 1/4 inches across and the earrings are about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, without the earring wire.

Two Tone Green Crystal Circular Pendant with Matching Earrings

I think these are a fun twist on an old favorite.  I can make them in birthstone colors for any birthday or school colors for a little fun this new school year.  What’s your favorite color?

Lovely Mix of Fall Colors in a Circular Pendant with Matching Earrings

Have A Great Weekend!  Fall is coming!

~ Lori

A Friend of Mine…Pam Sani Part 2

For you my Friends,

Well, I promised to fill you in on Pam’s Jewelry Show.  Pam did well  though not as well as I had hoped.   I had been so excited and wanted Pam to do Super, Fantastic.   She passed on some insights that she learned through the process of this show and I thought I would pass them on to you.

Level of Preparedness:

1) To have a Great Show you need to be well prepared…from business cards to pricing.  You need plenty of stock, plenty of promotion and plenty of smiles.
2) Be honest with yourself about how much effort is required to: create your items, prepare them for sale, and to promote your event PLUS your level of willingness to do it .  If you are not up for it either get some help or reschedule, because it’s a lot of work!
3) Shift your focus from what you want, to what your customer needs:  from what you create, to pricing, to presentation it’s all about your customers.  So, make it attractive to them in every way.
4)  Once you’re prepared and everything is in order, enjoy your customers!  Have fun and those perfect customers will come to you!   AND Finally…
 5) Don’t give up!  All the hard work pays off.
These ideas have been very helpful to me as I am preparing for my own fall shows.  There is still a lot of work ahead so keep your chin up and just do the next thing!
Have a Great Week!

Happy Friday!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you had a great week!  I’ve been busy, busy, busy working on making jewelry for my up coming jewelry shows/bizarre(s).  Here is a picture of my latest creation.  It is a twist on an old favorite.  Let me know what you think.  I have some fun ideas for personalizing them too.  Choose the dangle in the center from any number of fun items from Initials to little characters to beads like the one shown here.

This Fall Glass Circular Pendant has a little dangle in the center that could be your initial, a little character or a bead or beads of your choice. Pick your own colors too. You can also order this one in Swarovski Crystal for added sparkle.

This Fall Glass Circular Pendant has a little dangle in the center that could be your initial, a little character or a bead or beads of your choice. Pick your own colors too. You can also order this one in Swarovski Crystal for added sparkle.

Please send me your opinion.  I would love to hear what you think and even what you would buy as a gift or just for yourself.  This one is Glass but I am working on a Swarovski Crystal version too.

Looking forward to hearing from you…

Have a Great Weekend!


Wordless Wednesday New Earrings

Silver/Glass Bicone, Pale Blue Bicone, Clear Glass & Clear Glass AB Small Round Earrings on Silver Earring Wires

Frosted Pale Green Round, Glass/AB Small Coin, Medium Pale Green Coin & Clear Glass Bicone on Silver Earring Wire

Two Aqua Glass with Small Glass/AB Coin on Silver Earring Wires

Two Frosted Dark Teal Beads with Small Silver/Glass Coin on Silver Earring Wires

Two Red Beads, one flat Oval AB and one Bicone with Small Glass/Silver Coins on Antique Silver Earring Wires

One Green Bicone and One Green Long Oval on Silver Earring Wires

Balance. Balance? Balance!



Do you have trouble finding balance in your life?  I know I do.  I struggle with how much I do and don’t do on a weekly basis.  I also struggle with how much I get done each week as well as what things I should do that I never get to.

Where should I spend my time?  On what should I focus?  How do I balance my work and home lives?

I recently made the statement, “It shouldn’t be this hard!”  When a wise friend said, “It doesn’t have to be.”  Simplify!  So now I have to decide what if anything I can cut.  I would like to cut out the housekeeping and cooking… but that isn’t possible.  So where do you save time?  How do you make better use of your time?

I want to spend my time making beautiful jewelry but I can’t ignore my responsibilities.  It’s not that I don’t want to do my responsibilities it’s just that I have a hard time accomplishing all of them and getting to what I love.

I could use some help.  What suggestions can you make?

Here is one of the things I have worked on in my time lately.

This is a Special Order Item I made this month. What do you think?


What Am I Doing?


Hello Everyone,

In the midst of chaos do you ever question if this is what you are supposed to be doing?  Ever since I chose to make my hobby a business there have been roadblocks in front of me every time I turn around.  When I feel strong I realize that means that I am going in the right direction because nothing worth doing is ever easy.  But there are those days when I get down and each one of those challenges seems to be one more reason to quit.  What do you do when you get overwhelmed, tired and want to quit?

This morning I just realized that yes, I feel like quitting but I believe that this is my calling or destiny.  So, since this is my destiny then it doesn’t really matter how long it takes me to “get there” what matters is the journey, the learning in the process and accomplishing all that I can today no matter how big or little that may be.  I AM SUCCESSFUL AS LONG AS I KEEP PUTTING ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER!  There are people who I don’t want to disappoint and a family that is counting on me for support but on the days when that just feels like another burden I can’t bear, it helps to realize that I am destined to succeed.  This will happen because I am called to it.

My faith tells me that God always blesses obedience in little ways or big ways but He always blesses obedience.  So as long as I am doing what I am supposed to do He will continue to bless me, that includes work, home and in my son’s future as well.

This all releases me from the stress of I have to _______ and hurry up and get it done.  All I have to do is what is before me today and the rest will take care of itself.  This allows me to create beauty and frees my mind to work easily and effectively.  How great is that?  Sure I have concerns, I’m not walking around in fantasy land but allowing all of those things to weigh me down stops me from doing what I need to do and does not fix any of those problems anyway.

So, take a deep breath and relax.  Everything will be all right.  Check the list of things to do and just do the next thing.  Because I have been overwhelmed lately Monday I decided that I was going to do the thing I love first instead of “all the things I have to do”.  And you know what, that was a great idea!  It got my whole week started off on the right foot.  Next week I am going to do the same thing.  I am going to create on Monday.  I’ll call it “Make it Monday”.  I have always hated Mondays and doing what I love on Mondays will help change that.  So, that’s the new plan.  I’m excited because I have been frustrated not getting to making jewelry and just doing all the left brain things “I have to do”.   Now I’m going to do what I love before doing what needs to be done and see how that works for me.  At least I will get to do my passion which fuels doing all the other stuff.

So, how do you structure your week?  Work first? or Passion first?

These are some of the earrings I created this Monday.  You may have seen some of these before as they are apart of the Mosaic Matches Collection.  Go see the entire collection at…  and

New Mosaic Matches in Two-Tone Blue

New Mosaic Matches in Purple & Blue

New Mosaic Matches in Pink, Coral & Red

New Mosaic Matches in Purple Tones

…and have a Great Weekend!

~ Lori


Wordless Wednesday – New Mosaic Matches

Violet Purple Square Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Swarovski Crystal, Pearl & Glass (Frosted & Faceted)
Matches to Margaret’s Violet Purple Square Pendant

Mosaic Match – Blue & Purple glass

Pink and Violet Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Swarovski Crystal, Fluorite, & Glass Purple Hues match to Margaret’s Pink & Violet Pendant

September Sapphire Blue Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Two-Tone Blue to go with Margaret’s

Mosaic Match – Two-Tone Blue Glass (Frosted & Faceted)

Mosaic Match – Another Two-Tone Blue (slightly gray hue)

Coral Copper Orange Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Orange, Copper, Coral & Amber to go with Margaret’s

Red Square Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Fluorite, Quartz & Shell match for Margaret’s

Film Noir Mosaic Pendant

Mosaic Match – Black & Silver Glass match for Margaret’s Film Noir Mosaic Pendant

A Friend of Mine…Pam Sani

Hi Everyone,

Meet a friend of mine Pam Sani.  I met her through my Right Brainers group.  She too is a soloprenuer  who creates jewelry.  We have become fast friends even though she lives on the other side of the nation from me.

You all should see this Swarovski necklace she made.  It is beautiful.  Here is a picture.

Pam Sani’s Beautiful Necklace

She sent me the most hilarious story today and I just have to share it with you.  After all, we all need a good laugh, right?  So here is her story.

“I walked into the kitchen to refill my glass, glanced out the window and saw one of the neighbor’s hens tearing up the backyard.  Normally, I would just call out that I seem to have a chicken, and could she do a headcount, and we’d have a laugh and hand her over the fence.  Nobody was home; just me and Phyllis the Chicken.  (I think it was Phyllis.  They have five of the same variety, and they are all identical.)

We feed the quail that hang out in our yard, so we have a 50-lb bag of chicken scratch handy.  I made up an impromptu water dish, and gave Phyl a handful of scratch.

I did learn that it is impossible for a human being to be near a talkative chicken without making chicken noises.  I am a very good mimic.  I don’t know what I said to her, but she decided I was really interesting, and that she should follow me closely as I was clearly a very wise hen indeed.

I had a bit of chicken wire leftover from a project.  My thinking was that I would make her a tiny pen and incarcerate her until her family got home.  Cue the “I Love Lucy” theme music.  I grabbed some tall garden stakes and proceeded to work them into the lawn at the edge of the compost pile.  Phyllis did not like the look of these stakes one bit.  She protested and pecked at the stakes.  I turned over some compost, and she promptly forgot about me and went wild for all of the lovely little soil-dwelling critters in the compost.

At this point, I started trying to wrestle the coiled up bit of chicken wire.  I would get one end around a stake, and the other end would spring back and violently hurl itself at me.  Repeat at nauseum.

I finally gave up on the whole “build a chicken playpen” idea, and went inside to phone my next door neighbor.  I explained that the problem wasn’t that I couldn’t catch the hen; just that I didn’t want to take my eyes off her while I was trying to corral or return her.  Jolene, my neighbor, offered to drive around to Phyllis’ front door and see if anyone was home, or leave a note if they weren’t.  Driving may sound funny, but it was 90 degrees out, and our neighborhood is laid out kind of funny.  Chicken lives on the next block; our backyards butt up against each other.  We live on a North-South street, and the road is very hilly and winding.  The East-West street is the main road through the area.  It is also uphill that direction to get to Phyllis T. Chicken’s house.  On our side of the fence, there is a world of predators which Phyllis has never been exposed to.   Our street is the last street before you get to a very natural area with the river and giant rock outcroppings.  Coyotes, hawks and eagles are a big threat, as are the many dogs being walked along the river trail.

Jolene returned to report that no one was indeed home, but the note was left.  She also grabbed up my recycling bin and insisted that we stuff ol’ Phyllis inside.  I agreed and scooped her up.  We had another scrap of chicken wire which was just the right size for a lid.  Jolene was worried that our captive would just push the lid off.  She wanted to put a rock or something on it.  I knew Phyllis wouldn’t mind her incarceration if as long as she could see out and had something to eat and play with.  There were two holes on each handle of the bin.  My husband is also an electrical engineer, so wire is not ever far out of reach around here.  As luck would have it, there were pre-cut pieces on the patio table.  I laced them through the handle holes and secured the wire lid.  The whole time, our captive thought that this was a grand game.  She was cooing and making little interested whirring noises, and was very happy being the center of attention.  I had given her a small stick to play with, and she was happily picking it up and trying to give it to me in a lame game of “fetch.”

I was relieved when the phone in my pocket rang, with one embarrassed chicken owner on the line.  With a little maneuvering, we managed to pass the bin o’ chicken over the fence.  The other four hens crowded around Phyllis and demanded that she tell them everything about her adventure.   We found the likely escape spot at the end of the tall wooden fence and plugged it up with the chicken wire.

I was glad to be safely rid of the chicken, and was even more glad to change clothes and go take another shower.  Chicken wrangling really takes it out of you.

After all of that, I slept like a baby.”

I hope you all enjoyed the adventures of the escaped chicken, Phyllis as much as I did.  This story nearly had me on the floor with laughter.

Have a Great Week!


The Saga of Keith

Hi Everyone,

Well, I have to swallow my pride a little bit here and admit a mistake that I told you.  Last week I said that all funding to special needs individuals was cut.  That is not completely accurate.  All Wavier funding was cut, which of course is where Keith is.  So to Gov. Corbett, I am sorry for exaggerating the funding situation but I still feel that cutting the funding to those who can’t care or provide for themselves is wrong.

So, the good news is that we had a meeting with our Social Worker, J, who is the absolute best support services coordinator in the whole world, in my opinion.  She came to our house during her personal vacation time to fill out paperwork for new funding for Keith through Base Funding which is a different funding stream than Wavier.  We should know by this time next week if Keith has funding or not.

Please pray with me that this goes through so that Keith can go back to work.  I like being with Keith but being together 24/7/365 is too much for both of us.  Thank you.

On another great note, Keith made these two bracelets this week.  Pictures below.  I am waiting on puzzle charms for the bracelets to post them on my Etsy site.  They should be in next week. I am so proud of him for all his good work.  I am going to have to stock up on supplies so Keith has enough to work with. : )    We plan on donating  10% of the proceeds to Support Autism for every item that Keith makes.  If you are interested in knowing more about Autism check out these websites.

The Autism Society –

Autism Speaks –

The Autism Foundation –

There is no conclusive evidence for a cause for Autism.  But in this mother’s opinion I believe that there is a genetic factor involved with some sort of predisposition that if all the right factors line up right, bingo, you have autism.  I do believe that there is an ecological or diet related factor as well.  What we do know is that Autism is neurological and often accompanied with Mental Retardation and even seizure disorders, like Keith.  Autism affects multiple areas of the brain’s function two specifically called the amygdala and cerebellum.  They effect emotions/understanding emotions and muscle control including muscles of speech respectively.  There are lots more interesting facts about Autism on Wikipedia at

I could go on and on but I won’t take anymore of your valuable time with it today.

Don’t forget the pictures!

Yes, I set up the pattern for this one and put the clasps on, but it was his first one and he completed the pattern and strung it independently. Beautiful!?!

This is Keith’s second bracelet. Yes, I put the clasps on but all I did showed him was one shiny bead then one frosted bead. He did the rest. I’m so Proud!

Wordless Wednesday

Custom Made Aqua Beach Glass Pendant with Sterling Silver Anchor & Initial

Custom Made Aqua Beach Glass Pendant with Sterling Silver Anchor & Initial

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