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Part 2 “Working on a New Necklace” from April 13, 2012

Hello Again,

Well this week I want to add to a blog I started a couple of weeks ago.  As we discussed first I choose my beads.

Choose Beads

Then I work on a design.  Things usually start to fall into place as I choose the different beads.  Don’t let me fool you though, I sometimes think for days on a design before it actually comes together.  This time I changed the beads from my original thought.

“Changed the beads and it all fell into place”

After I changed the beads everything fell into place.  Next it is just a matter of stringing in the proper order.  Even then I may take them all off and change things.

Stringing beads

Stringing beads

The final test is to carefully hold the open-ended string and place it around my neck to see how it will look.  Then I finish off the string with the closures and Viola! a new Masterpiece.

Stringing beads

Coming along…

These steps sound simple and in reality are simple to actually do.  It is the process of putting things together just right to make an attractive necklace that is really the challenge.  Some come together with great ease…while others are quite challenging.

Finished! Yay!

Each set is an exciting process and I very much enjoy creating new designs.  I get my inspiration from lots of different sources including other jewelry, art, creation, and even clothing.

Write back and tell me what things inspire you.

A Jewelry Masterpiece for You!

I would Love to create something special just for you!

Have A Great Weekend!

~ Lori

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